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client service
client service

FINANCIAL ARTISAN delivers comprehensive, tailored advices and practical assistance regarding financial area, in light of local/global regulations and regional market practices, with depth of talent, experience and integrity for:

- offices of foreign companies in Japan
- foreign SMEs seeking business in Japan
- financial authorities in developing countries/regions

  • Advisory services for local/international financial regulations
  • Research on developments of regional financial industry and customers' behavior
  • PMO for a firm-wide project
  • Implementation of documents or manuals for internal use
  • Assistance on marketing activities
  • Translations into multi-languages
  • Other supports mitigating disadvantages caused by limitation in local resources


You may use our staff in order to address a variety of difficulties confronting your office:

  • Practices to meet with regulatory requirements in Japan (JFSA/SESC) and the world (BCBS/IOSCO/IAIS)
  • Designing a roadmap to address Japanese/global financial regulations
  • Urgent, sporadic needs to prepare internal/external materials used in daily business in Japanese/English/Chinese
  • On-site marketing activities towards Japanese local prospects
  • Lack of staff performing internal audit procedures
  • Carrying out a research on Japanese/global financial matters such as regulatory development or consumer behavior
  • Project management


FINANCIAL ARTISAN also exhibits thought leadership on developments in financial industry by holding seminars or providing publications through the media.

Consequently, FINANCIAL ARTISAN would make your business/operation more profitable and productive than hiring someone by yourselves.