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client service

Our consultants have ever provided professional services to clients representing 53 jurisdictions highlighted below.

client service

FINANCIAL ARTISAN delivers comprehensive, tailored advices and practical assistance regarding financial area, in light of local/global regulations and regional market practices, with depth of talent, experience and integrity for clients including:

- offices of foreign companies in Japan
- foreign SMEs seeking business in Japan
- financial authorities in developing countries/regions

  • Advisory services for local/international financial regulations
  • Research on developments of regional financial industry and customers' behavior
  • PMO for a firm-wide project
  • Implementation of documents or manuals for internal use
  • Assistance on marketing activities
  • Translations into multi-languages
  • Other supports mitigating disadvantages caused by limitation in local resources


You can use our staff in order to address a variety of difficulties confronting your office:

  • Practices to meet with regulatory requirements in Japan (JFSA/SESC) and the world (BCBS/IOSCO/IAIS)
  • Designing a roadmap to address Japanese/global financial regulations
  • Urgent, sporadic needs to prepare internal/external materials used in daily business in Japanese/English/Chinese
  • On-site marketing activities towards Japanese local prospects
  • Lack of staff performing internal audit procedures
  • Carrying out a research on Japanese/global financial matters such as regulatory development or consumer behavior
  • Project management


FINANCIAL ARTISAN also exhibits thought leadership on developments in financial industry by holding seminars or providing publications through the media.

Consequently, FINANCIAL ARTISAN would make your business/operation more profitable and productive than hiring someone by yourselves.



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